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ZARK - Zoological Archive and Research Kernal

Hi! Welcome to the ZARK
Hi! Welcome to the ZARK

Tips to get started: 

  • Pick a few groups you find interesting
  • Invite your friends or coworkers to the jungle
  • Join Your Zoo's Group to stay social
  • Feel free to comment, post or discuss anything
  • Need help with anything? Drop us a note in the Support group
  • Check back daily for new content! It'll be pinned to the main feed.
  • Please be respectful, I do have a banhammer.
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Hey Facebook! Here's a morsel of knowledge about Shamu from @Seaworld Orcas are often called killer whales, but they aren't really whales. They are giant black-and-white dolphins. How confusing! These speedy hunters live in families called pods. Many pods only... (More)
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Hi! Welcome to Zoptiks!