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Hari Kunduru
Hari Kunduru The Original

I made Zoptiks! I'm all about spreading awareness about wildlife to the world and the entire zoological industry to the next generation of technology. 

Please reach out with any questions, comments or even suggestions. I'm constantly on the prowl to make Zoptiks better.

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Hey Facebook! Here's a morsel of knowledge about Shamu from @Seaworld

Orcas are often called killer whales, but they aren't really whales. They are giant black-and-white dolphins. How confusing! These speedy hunters live in families called pods. Many pods only catchfish, but other pods catch seals, whales, and other dolphins. Some push waves over floating blocks of ice to wash seals into the sea.
Orcas are very chatty animals that talk with whistles and clicks. The orcas learned to copy humans, saying "hello" and "good-bye". However, many people think orcas should not be in zoos and belong in the ocean.

Fun Fact: Orca's can swim half-asleep! One side of their brain takes a nap while the other side stays awake.
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What do you think are a few good 'main' topics for this group?
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Hi! Welcome to Zoptiks!
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